Your Defender, custom made

If you dream about a custom made Defender, we can make it real for you.

We purchase old Defenders and, after an accurate restoration, we can customize them upon your wish.

Thanks to the work of our selected craftsmen, we can offer you the maximum flexibility for your customization.

You can choose the build model (hard top, soft top), the color of the paint, the optionals.

Interiors can be tailor made as well and the range of choice goes from hand-stitched genuine  Italian leather to a more handy fabric. You can also decide the color and the  type of stitching.

We are available to make full or partial restorations and customizations, also on customer owned cars.

Contact us for a quotation and, without any commitment, we are available to provide you details and information.

How the process works

  • Selection and configuration We select and purchase Defenders to restore.
    We collect the customer’s requests and we support when choosing the appropriate model.
  • Restoration According to the desires of the customer and available budget, we fully restore the car: mechanics, body, interiors, optionals.
    If required, we also offer you our experience and creativity to create your one-of-a-kind vehicle.
  • Delivery and shipment Once the restoration and customization are completed, we can deliver the vehicle everywhere in the world thanks to the cooperation with a shipping company. They can also offer assistance to register the vehicle in the country of destination.

Our vehicles